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As one can notice from the first glance, the Damascus-style steel layers hammered to the core clearly give it an elegant look while providing much needed durability. Dalstrong offers lifetime warranty on all their products, and this knife comes in a beautiful package that you can surely gift to your loved ones. Though it can also function as a utility knife, its main purpose is to provide comfort in slicing fruits and vegetables like herbs, plump fruits, and tough root crops. Let’s take a closer look at our top 5 reviewed nakiri knives to own. It is a comfortable knife that offers superb cutting prowess. Sharpening angle is important too: harder steels can be angled to 15 degrees while softer would require at least 20 degrees, and you should aim for as thin as you can without causing failure. The Nakiri knife is a traditional Japanese vegetable knife. What’s great about the handle is that there is an extension of the metal base of the blade giving a wider wiggle room for your hand to better handle the knife. One of the most popular products from Wusthof’s Classic series, the 7” Hollow Edge Nakiri boasts cutting-edge German technology that can give even the best Japanese knives a good run for their money. It is becoming increasingly popular with vegetarians. Why You Need a Nakiri Knife in Your Kitchen Oct 08, 2020. by George Steckel. It has great strength and has impressive impact absorption that allows you to use various slicing techniques with your Nakiri. All ingredients require various slicing techniques. So, let’s get to the gist and find out what benefits you can get from owning a nakiri knife. Nonetheless, it fits the blade perfectly and does the job of protecting the knife. Shun adds a little bit of Chromium to make the knife more resilient. Just like the Wusthof Classic, this blade has indentations to reduce friction and prevent slices from sticking. Free. The santoku knife is made to slice meat, veggies, and other types of food. Well, alright, let’s delve a little deeper into the nakiri knife. The usuba is single-beveled resulting in reduced versatility and it requires frequent maintenance. There’s nothing more annoying than having to clean annoying stains, well, the VG-10 and Damascus Steel is stain resistant and also won’t form rust if left wet for longer periods. This is a knife that might need some getting used to. Though literally translated as ‘beef knife’, the gyutou is a multipurpose slicer that functions more than just slicing beef. We ship top quality Japanese kitchen knives worldwide at special prices. It has the edge retention and sturdiness of western knives while maintaining the high-end quality and superb slicing prowess of Japanese knives such as the Kamikoto knives. There is a reason why this vegetable nakiri is so highly-rated and loved by its users. These knives look stealthy and gorgeous which will surely make you want to use them more. The knife has a very sharp edge and can be used the moment you get ahold of it. The width is what is makes a certain knife different when slicing vegetables and other ingredients. Regalia is receiving a lot of praise for their high Carbon Damascus line of knives. We believe the gentle curves and perfect length plays a key part in that. An all-around knife. This is a sturdy knife with a softer blade and is very versatile. It is a long lightweight knife perfect for slicing soft food with a hard crust without crushing it. The knife is best used for vegetables and can handle tough food like pumpkins and other root crops. 3 TradaFor Nakiri Knife – Best Gift Nakiri Knife. The long and even edge is hand-sharpened to a 14-16 degree angle, which is among the larger angles you’ll find on a nakiri. The blade sits at the usual 58 HRC, and we can back its strength and edge retention capabilities after having thrown everything we possibly could at it. It makes slicing and chopping super easy, is sharp right out of the box and is very durable. Apart from that, this is a solid choice to complement your kitchen tool collection. Nakiri knife is a high-quality Japanese kitchen component which has gained immense popularity worldwide. It can serve as the perfect companion for all types of kitchens –  home kitchens, small restaurants, and even massive eateries that need a tough knife. Refer this guide to browse the best ginsu knives.Â. Instead, it is stamped out of Daido 1K6 high-carbon stainless steel. Shun Premier Nakiri Knife The usuba is a lower version intended mostly for home use whereby the nakiri knife is a high-end knife intended for professionals. The blade is made from Daido 1K6 high-carbon steel, allowing you to make quick work of all your vegetables. But depending on your requirements and personal taste, one of them might suit you better than others. $62.04$62.04. TUO also provides lifetime warranty on all their cutlery products which is surprising considering the prices of those. This knife is a mixture of Western and Japanese features which inherited all of the great aspects of both knife cultures. The products we have recommended above all have a 6 inch or more blade length. The Nakiri is a double bevel edged knife that is rectangular in profile and has a tall, thin blade. Now let’s talk about the actual performance of this nakiri. This 6.5” vegetable knife can easily replace a wide amount of Western cutlery with its lightweight and multi-purpose nature. The Kai Wasabi Nakiri knife is a bang for your buck choice that allows you to own a high-end knife at a lower cost. It is incredibly versatile to suit the demands of a busy professional kitchen by the head chef. Aside from the traditional hand-forged manufacturing, the Damascus layers are made by hand and finished with a custom hammered polish in order to carve air pockets on the blade. In addition to great hardness, the knife is also very versatile since it can handle bulks of vegetables to slice. Unlike most Japanese knives that are prone to rust, the VG-10 metal makes it both sturdy and rust-resistant to provide hassle-free maintenance. This is a reliable knife that helps you slice vegetables in bulk without worrying about the knife getting dull. The Nakiri knife is designed to perform these different tasks perfectly. It has a straight edge, a rectangular blade, and a rounded tip. The handle is quite durable and ergonomic as well. This design is what makes them the best knives to perform the kitchen … This is the best nakiri knife under 100 dollars that can suit both home and professional kitchens. It is not too long that it becomes hard to control and not to short that it becomes hard to slice around with. This is the type of knife that doesn’t require any type of skill or technique to master. The handle has a rounded design and a bigger diameter than most which suit all hand sizes. The premium material also allows it to have enhanced edge retention and corrosion resistance. It is a little narrow but is well-balanced especially for those with small hands. Shop Nakiri & Vegetable Knives from premium quality brands such as Wüsthof and Kai at Borough Kitchen. It works, is comfortable to grip and has triple rivets from the full tang for stability, exactly what we want in a functional knife. What is unique about this knife is that it has smooth Granton edges that make it virtually non-stick. The AUS-10 super steel is incredibly durable and is hardened with a cryogenic nitrogen cooling process which gives it a solid 62+ HRC rating. Forged from VG-10 stainless steel clad, this knife is designed to be durable. Due to its really thin blade, it can help you make thin strips of vegetables and mince delicate herbs without damaging them. We sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. The softer steel coupled with an incredibly sharp blade edge makes it perfect for both beginners and professional chefs. The knife has perfect weight and balance which makes it a joy to use for extended cooking sessions. It is easy to maneuver and use for speed slicing. Chef Chris Cosentino demonstrates the proper up-and-down motion to use with a nakiri knife as he preps an eggplant and an onion. This multipurpose knife is perfect for home and professional use; and, for butchery and vegetables. Its hammered finish definitely helps in reducing friction so veggies don’t stick on the surface. The blade is very sharp and doesn’t easily dull even after long usage. If you’re just looking for an inexpensive and one-for-all knife, the Kotobuki seems a good option. This ensures perfect fit into the curl of the fingers for a firm grip. It scores HRC 58+ on the Rockwell Scale, and besides saving you a lot of time, it will enhance the beauty of your kitchen. The width of the blade adds to the safety features of the knife. This means that no matter how you hold or use it, it can easily adapt to the user and not the other way around. Finding the ideal Nakiri knife shouldn’t be difficult now that you know what the top-selling and most popular products are. It is considered as the chef’s knife of Japan because of its design features and functions exactly the same as a chef’s knife. The Best Nakiri Knife For The Money. Since the handle is made of plastic, it can sometimes give discomfort in wet conditions. Mixed white steel is among one of the favorites of chefs because it produces the cleanest cuts. TUO German Stainless Steel 6.5" Nakiri Knife with Pakkawood Handle, 8. The Gladiator Series 6” vegetable knives are robust, durable, easily sharpened and are also larger to provide more knuckle clearance while chopping. The blade length of a vegetable nakiri should be enough to cut most vegetables. Made of top quality Japanese steel, the Shun Premier Nakiri knife is forged out of a single type of white steel which is lightweight. This knife has an ergonomic D-shaped handle. Due to exceptionally high demand, new orders for this knife will not be delivered until January. Get the best of both worlds with this Western-inspired Japanese forged knife. Shun Classics are the definition of traditional Japanese style knives, and rather than the heftier handles in Western knives, these offer lighter blades with sharper edges and more control. A nakiri knife is formed with high-quality materialistic value. Dalstrong is known for their innovative design and cutting-edge performance, and this 7” Vegetable Nakiri is a premium blend of aesthetics, sharpness, balance and reliability. I’m pretty sure that many of you are asking this question because most would think that a good chef’s knife is enough to proxy the function of the different types of knives. Nakiri vs. Usuba – Usuba and Nakiri knives are Japanese kitchen knives. Best nakiri knives are made from high Carbon steel which doesn’t need much maintenance, is easy to sharpen and has better edge retention. Because the blade is heavier, the polymer is also heavier which adds to the maneuverability and balance of the knife. Shop for Nakiri Knives at Cutlery and More. The Pakkawood is also very porous and absorbs most of the moisture while you work which is great for those with sweaty hands. It is also perfect for speed slicing due to the multiple air pockets on the surface of the knife. Ginsu Knives Review: Affordable and Durable Kitchen Knives. The Santoku knife is the all-around multipurpose knife in Japan. The Nakiri knife is very distinguishable to its wide width and long blade. Also known as Nakiri Bocho (literally meaning knife for cutting greens), these are traditional Japanese vegetable cleavers are designed to elevate your chopping and cutting skills as a chef. The VG-10 steel construction helps it achieve a massive 60 on the Rockwell Scale, which surpasses most other stainless steel knives at this price. However, it comes with a thicker blade than our higher-end choices. 7 Best Nakiri Knife review. It is tinted and laminated in black to give the knife a streamlined modern look. We found it to be great for chopping everything from vegetables to cantaloupe or even pork loin. However, it has weaker edge retention than the Shun Premier Nakiri knife. Some of our favourite ones among all are the Shun Classic, Wusthof Classic and Dalstrong series nakiris due to their professional and reliable performance. Popularly known as the knife for delicate slicing, the Yanagi-ba knife is the sushi master’s best friend. It is perfect for filleting, cutting poultry, and slicing meat.

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