mmbtu to kg coal

CNG Units Explained MMBTU – One million British Thermal Units , to convert a gallon of propane to a gallon of gasoline equivalent (gge) , Here is a simple conversion table: 1 GGE . Million BTU can be abbreviated as MMBTU; for example, 1 million BTU can be written as 1 MMBTU. Between mmBTU and kJ measurements conversion chart page. Diferent energy units conversion from one-million British Thermal Unit to kilojoules. You are currently converting energy units from calorie to million btu 1 cal = 3.9652608749183⋅10-9 MMBtu Tons Of Coal Equivalent Conversion Charts. mmBtu per short ton kg CO2 per mmBtu g CH4 per mmBtu g N2O per mmBtu kg CO2 per short ton g CH4 per short ton g N2O per short ton Coal and Coke Anthracite Coal 25.09 103.69 11 1.6 2,602 276 40 Bituminous Coal 24.93 93.28 11 1.6 2,325 274 40 Sub-bituminous Coal 17.25 97.17 11 1.6 1,676 190 28 Lignite Coal 14.21 97.72 11 1.6 1,389 156 23 Kilojoules. 1 lb coal (anthracite) = 12,700 BTU 1 lb coal (subituminous) = 8,800 BTU 1 lb coal (bituminous) = 11,500 BTU 1 lb pine wood bark = 9,200 BTU 1 lb hardwood bark = 8,400 BTU 1 lb wood = 7,870 BTU 1 lb dung = 7,500 BTU 1 lb waste paper = 6,500 BTU 1 lb sawdust/shavings = 3,850 BTU 1 kWH electricity = 3,413 BTU 1 therm any fuel = 100,000 BTU AND $ /ton = Calculate /mmBtu Coal Futures (Central Appalachian Coal) - 12,000 Btus per pound) The value of a $ /ton price move on this contract = Calculate $ CME Group is the world's leading and most diverse derivatives marketplace. Convert 1 mmBTU into kilojoule and one-million British Thermal Units to kJ. One kilojoule is equal to 1,000 joules, which are the energy equal to the force on an object of one newton at a distance of one meter. convert gcv to ncv coal , to the point where it enters the formula CONVERSION OF GCV TO NCV FOR , units 1 btu/lb = 0002326 mj/kg 1 kcal . Instantly Convert Tons Of Coal Equivalent (TCE) to British Thermal Units (63 °f) (BTU 63 °F ) and Many More Energy, Work, And Heat Conversions Online. The company is comprised of four Designated Contract Markets (DCMs). Calculate from energy into other energy unit measures. WORLD COAL INSTITUTE August 2007 Calorific Values (CV) Units: kcal/kg – kilocalories per kilogram MJ/kg* – Megajoules per kilogram Btu/lb – British thermal units per pound * 1 MJ/kg = 1 Gigajoule/tonne (GJ/t) Btu: /lb. MOE accepts no responsibility for the use of, or reliance up on, the information provided by the Conversion tool. At a minimum, the site-specific F or F c factor must be based on 9 samples of the fuel. 3.3.6 Equations F-7a and F-7b may be used in lieu of the F or F c factors specified in Section 3.3.5 of this appendix to calculate a site-specific dry-basis F factor (dscf/mmBtu) or a site-specific F c factor (scf CO 2 /mmBtu), on either a dry or wet basis. Many Other Conversions. Coal = 4,931 lb/sht ton = 205.3 lb/mmBtu = 88.3 kg/GJ Petrol Coke = 32.40 lb/gal = 225.1 lb/mmBtu = 96.8 kg/GJ Electric US Av = 1.34 lb/kWh= 0.608 ton/MWh = 168.8 kg/GJ Bt. The other way around, how many kilojoules - kJ are in one one-million British Thermal Unit - mmBTU unit? Coal $/mmBtu. Disclaimer: The MOE Conversion tool should be used as a guide only as it has been configured to provide approximate conversions.

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